Thuật ngữ dụng cụ cầm tay Elora

Thuật ngữ dụng cụ cầm tay Elora – Germany

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Accessories, Roller Tool Cabinets Working at the Injection Nozzles
Adapter for Socket Tools 1/4“ Working at the Pipes
Adapter for Socket Tools 3/8“ Working at the Pistons
Adapter for Socket Tools 1/2“ Working at the Lambda Probes
Adapter for Socket Tools 3/4“ Working at the Oil Filters
Adapter for Socket Tools 1“ Working at the Spark Plug Systems
Adapter for Socket Tools 1.1/2“ Working at the Tubes
Adapters, Bits Working at the Valves
Adjustable File Holders Working at the Wheels
Adjustable Pipe Wrenches Wrecking Bars
Adjustable Single Open-Ended Span Wrenches, Adjustable
Adjustable Wrenches Wrenches, Air Filter
Adjustable Wrenches, VDE Wrenches, Basin
Air Blow Guns, Pneumatic Wrenches, Double End Swivel Socket
Air Filter Wrenches Wrenches, Drain Plug
Air/Striking-Mechanism Oil, Pneuma Wrenches, Filter
Allen Keys Wrenches, “FIXPOINT”
Alphabetic Marking Letters Wrenches, Four Wheel Nut
Aluminium Grip Pliers Wrenches, Hook
Aluminium Rulers Wrenches, Hook with Nose
American Snips Wrenches, Hook with Pin
Angle Bars Wrenches, Hook Adjustable with Nose
Anti-Freeze Testers Wrenches, Hook Hinged with Nose
Anti Slip Mats Wrenches, Obstruction
Anvil Dollies Wrenches, Oil Filter
Anvil Round Wrenches, Pin
Arch Punches Wrenches, Pipe
Automatic Punch Wrenches, Pipe “American Style”
Automatic Safety Knives Wrenches, Pipe “S-Mouth”
Automatic Wire Strippers Wrenches, Pipe “STILLSON”
Automotive Striking Tools Bench Vice Gas Pressure Elevators
Automotive Tools Bench Vice Jaw Caps
Awls, Round Bench Vice Swivel Bases
Awls, Square Bench Vices, Parallel
Axial Grip Pliers Bending Irons
B & S-XZN®-Off-Set Keys Bending Pliers
B & S-XZN® Screwdriver Sockets 3 “Berliner” Tinmans Shears
B & S-XZN® Screwdriver Sockets 1 Bevel Protractors, Universal
Bags, Notebook Bi-Hexagon Sockets 3/8”
Bags, Tool Bi-Hexagon Sockets 1/2”
Bag Twisters Bi-Hexagon Sockets 3/4”
Ball End Hexagon Keys Bi-Hexagon Sockets 1”
Ball End Hexagon Screwdrivers “BIG SPENDERS”, Empty
Ball End Hexagon Screwdrivers, ESD Bit Adapters
Ball End Hexagon Screwdriver Sock Bit-Boxes
Ball End Hexagon-TORX® Screwdri Bit Couplers
Ball End Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” Bit Holders, Magnetic
Ball End TORX® Keys Bit Holders with Handle
Ball Joint Pullers Bit Holders with Joint, Universal
Bars, Extension Bits 5/16“
Bars, Mounting Bits 1/4“
Bars, Pry Bits for B&S/ XZN Screws
Bars, Wrecking Bits for Cross-Slotted Screws
Basin Wrenches Bits for Hexagon Screws
Battery Acid Fillers Bits for Phillips Screws
Battery Acid Testers Bits for Pozidriv Screws
Battery Plastic Bottles Bits for RIBE® Screws
Battery Service Tool Kits Bits for Slotted Screws
Battery Terminal Brushes Bits for TAMPER-TORX® Screws
Battery Terminal Pullers Bits for TORX® PLUS Screw
Battery Testers Bits for TORX® Screws
Battery Testers, Digital Bits for TORX® Screws with borehole
Battery Tools Bits for XZN/ B&S Screws
Belt Punches Bits, “INOX“
Bench Vice Accessories Bits, “STAINLESS”
Cable Knives Blades for Cutters
Cable Knives, Universal Blades for Safety Knives
Cable Knives, VDE Blades for Saws
Cable Shears Blind-Rivet Nut, Pliers
Cable Shears, Copper & PVC Coated Wires Blow Pens, Pneumatic
Cable Snips Body Spoons
Cable Snips, VDE Bolt Cutters
Cable Terminal Assortments Brake Body Files
Cable Terminals Brake Service Brushes
Calipers Brake Service Files
Calipers, Brass Slide Brake Spring Pliers
Calipers, Depth Vernier Brass Slide Calipers
Calipers, Dial Vernier Brushes
Calipers, Digital Vernier Brushes, Battery Terminal
Calipers for Brake Discs Brushes, Brake Service
Calipers, Inside Brushes, Cup
Calipers, Outside Brushes, File Cleaning
Calipers, Pocket Vernier Brushes, “INOX“
Calipers, Precision Brushes, Knot Conical
Calipers, Vernier Brushes, Knot Cup
Cans, Oil Brushes, Knot Wheel
Cantilever Tool Boxes Brushes, Spark Plug Cleaning
Cape Chisels Brushes, “STAINLESS”
Car Body Chisels Brushes, Steel Wire
Car Body File Blades Brushes, Wire Scratch
Car Body Screwdrivers “BUDDY” Roller Tool Cabinets
Car Electric Test Sets Bumping Hammers
Car Tools Bumping Spoons
Car Wing Assembling Screwdrivers “C-Clamp” Welders Grip Pliers
Carbide Hexagon Engineers Scribers Cabinet Keys
Carpenters Hammers Circlip Pliers, PVC Coated
Carpenters Pincers Circlip Pliers Set
Carpenters Squares Clamps, Flexible Line
Cases, Hard-Top Claw Hammers
Cases, Hard Protective Cleaning Brushes for Files
Cases, Hard Protective Trolley Cleaning Brushes for Spark Plugs
“Cellulose-Acetate” Soft Faced Hammers “CLIC”-Hose Clamp Pliers
“Cellulose Acetate” Spare Plastic Faces Clicking Torque Wrenches
Centre Punches Clicking Torque Wrenches for invert Tools
Centre Squares, Precision Club Hammer Handles
Chain Grip Pliers Club Hammer Holders
Chain Pipe Cutters Club Hammer Wedges
Chain Tubing Cutters Club Hammers
Checking Tools Coil Spring Compressors
Chipping Hammer Combi-Snips, Universal-Angled
Chisel and Punch Sets Combi-Snips, Universal-Straight
Chisel Hand Grips Combination Pliers
Chisel Hand Guards Combination Pliers, VDE
Chisels Combination Spanner-Modules
Chisels, Cape Combination Spanners
Chisels, Car Body Combination Spanners, “STAINLESS”
Chisels, Cold Combination Spanners with Joint Ring Ratchets
Chisels, Concrete Combination Spanners with Lever Ring Ratchets
Chisels, Cross Cut Combination Spanners with Reversible Ring Rat
Chisels, Electricians Combination Spanners with Reversible Ring Rat
Chisels, Flat Combination Spanners with Ring Ratchet-Modul
Chisels, Mason Combination Spanners with Ring Ratchets
Chisels, Nail Combined Revolving Punches and Eyelet Pliers
Chisels, Pointed Concrete and Steel Fixers Nippers
Chisels, Sets Concrete Chisels
Chisels, Slit Conical Brushes, Knotted
Chisels, Stone Connector Pliers
Chubby Screwdrivers Construction Ring Spanners
Circlip Plier-Modules Contact Files
Circlip Pliers Converters for Bits
Cutters, End Copper Pipe Expanding Tools
Cutters, Exhaust Manifold Coupler Squares 1/4”
Cutters, Front Coupler Squares 3/8”
Cutters, Heavy Duty Diagonal Coupler Squares 1/2”
Cutters, Heavy Duty End Coupler Squares 3/4”
Cutters, Heavy Duty Jaw Coupler Squares 1“
Cutters, Lever Centre Countersinks 90°
Cutters, Spot-Weld Creeper
Cutters, Structural Steel Crimping Pliers
Cutters, Tubing Cross Cut Chisels
Cutters, Tubing “STAINLESS” Cross-Slotted Screwdriver Sockets 1/4”
Cutters, Universal Diagonal Cross-Slotted Screwdriver Sockets 3/8”
Cutters, VDE Diagonal Cross-Slotted Screwdriver Sockets 1/2”
Cutters, VDE Heavy Duty Diagonal Cross-Slotted Screwdrivers
Cutting Assortments, Thread Cross-Slotted Screwdrivers, Electronic
“Dead Blow” Soft Face Hammers Cross-Slotted Screwdrivers, ESD
Decorative Strip Pliers Cross-Slotted Screwdrivers, VDE
Depth Vernier Calipers Crow Foot Spanners
“Desmopan” Soft Faced Hammers Crow Nose Grip Pliers
“Desmopan” Spare Plastic Faces Cup Brushes
Diabolo Dollies Cup Brushes, Knotted
Diagonal Cutters Curved Bearing Scrapers
Diagonal Cutters, Electronic Curved Dollies
Diagonal Cutters, VDE Cutter Blades
Dial Gauge Stands, Magnetic Cutters
Dial Indicators, Mini Cutters, Bolt
Dial Indicators, Precision Cutters, Centre
Diesel Injection Nozzle Sockets 1/2” Cutters, Chain Tubing
Digital Torque Wrenches Cutters, Diagonal
Digital Vernier Calipers Double Ended Swivel Socket Wrenches
DIN Spanners Double Open-Ended Spanner-Modules
Dinging Hammers Double Open-Ended Spanners
Dispensers for Sockets, Empty 3/8” Double Ring Spanners
Dispensers for Sockets, Empty 1/2” Double Ring Spanners, Straight
Display Dispensers with Socket Assortment 3/8 Drain Plug Wrenches
Display Dispensers with Socket Assortment 1/2 Drift Punch Sets
Displays for Construction Ring Spanners Drift Punches
Displays for Pliers Drills, Reversible, Pneumatic
Displays for Ring Slogging Spanners Drills, Reversible Ø 10 mm, Pneumatic
Dividers Drills, Reversible Ø 13 mm, Pneumatic
Dividers, Spring Drill and Tap Sets
Dividers, Wing Drill Sets
Dividers, Wing with Pencil Holder Drill Sets, HSS-E
Dollies, Anvil Drill Sets, HSS-G
Dollies, Curved Drills, Spot-Weld
Dollies, Diabolo Drive Heads, Fixed
Dollies, Dome Edge Protectors for Roller Tool Cabinets
Dollies, Fender Electricians Chisels
Dollies, General Purpose Electricians Pliers Set
Dollies, Grid Electricians Screwdrivers
Dollies, Heel Electricians Tool Kits
Dollies, Shrinking Electricians Tools
Dollies, Toe Electronic Cross Screwdrivers
Dollies, Wedge Electronic Cross-Slotted Screwdrivers
Dome Dollies Electronic Diagonal Cutters
Door-Coating Remove Tools Electronic Flat Nose Pliers
Door Opener-Screwdrivers Electronic Flat Round Nose Pliers
Door Spring Clip Removers Electronic Pliers
Door Trim Panel Removers Electronic Screwdriver Sets
Double Ended Ring Spanner-Modules Electronic Screwdrivers
Double Ended Ring Spanners Electronic Slotted Screwdrivers
Double Ended Ring Spanners, Straight Electronic Tools
Double Ended Ring Spanners, TORX® Electronic Torque Wrenches
Double Ended Spanners Electronic Round Nose Pliers
Engineers Files, Three Square Pattern Electronic TORX® Screwdrivers
Engineers Hammer Handles Electronic Workshop Test Equipments
Engineers Hammer Wedges “ELOMETERS” Torque Wrenches
Engineers Hammers “ELORA-BIG-SPENDERS”, Empty
Engineers Rasp Hafts “ELORA-BIG-SPENDERS”, Socket Assortment 1/2”
Engineers Rasp Handles “ELORA”-Pin-Up Top Trays, Empty
Engineers Rasps “ELORA”-Pin-Up Top Trays, Socket Assortment 1/2”
Engineers Rasps Flat Pattern “ELORA” Socket Display Dispensers, Empty
Engineers Rasps Half Round Pattern “ELORA” Socket Display Dispensers,
Engineers Rasps Round Pattern “ELORA“-TOOLJET Roller Tool CABINET
Engineers Rulers “ELOTRONIC” Mobile-Torque-Meters
Engineers Scribers “ELOTRONIC” Torque Testers
Engineers Scribers, Hard Metal “ELOTRONIC” Torque Wrenches, Digital
Engineers Steel Squares “ELOTRONIC” Transducers
ESD-Ball End Hexagon Screwdrivers Embossing Hammers
ESD-Cross Slotted Screwdrivers End Cutters
ESD-Flat Nose Pliers End Cutters, Heavy Duty
ESD-Hexagon Screwdrivers End Cutting Pliers
ESD-Inside TORX® Screwdrivers Endoscopes
ESD-Oblique Cutters Engineers Ball Pein Hammer Handles
ESD-Oblique Tip Cutters Engineers Ball Pein Hammer Wedges
ESD-Plain Slotted Screwdrivers Engineers Ball Pein Hammers
ESD-Pliers Engineers File Hafts
ESD-Round Nose Pliers Engineers File Handles
ESD-Screwdrivers Engineers File Sets
ESD-Sets Engineers Files, Flat Pattern
ESD-Side Cutters Engineers Files, Half Round Pattern
ESD-Snipe Nose Pliers Engineers Files, Round Pattern
ESD-TORX® Screwdrivers Engineers Files, Square Pattern
ESD-Tungsten Carbide Side Cutters Extractors, Bearing and Internal Race
ESD-Tweezers Extractors, Screws
ESD-Wire Stripping Pliers Extractors, Stud
Exhaust Manifold Cutters Eyelet and Revolving Punch Pliers
Expanding Tools, Copper Pipes Eyes
Expanding Tools, Copper Tubes Feeler Gauges
Explotions-Proof, LED Lamp Feeler Gauges, Strip
Extension Bars 1/4” Fender Bumping Hammers
Extension Bars 3/8” Fender Dollies
Extension Bars 1/2” Fiber Glass Inspections Copes
Extension Bars 3/4” Figure Marking Punch Sets
Extension Bars 1” Figure Snips
Extension Bars, VDE 3/8” File Blades
Extension Bars, VDE 1/2” File Cleaning Brushes
Extension Bars, Wobble 3/8” File Hafts
Extension Bars, Wobble 1/2“ File Handles
Extension Sockets from 9/32“ File Sets, Contact
Extension Sockets from 1/4” File Sets for Engineers
Extension Sockets from 3/8” File Sets, Warding
Extension Sockets from 1/2” Files
Extension Sockets from 3/4” Files, Contact
Extension Sockets from 1″ Files, Engineers Flat Pattern
External Circlip Pliers Files, Engineers Half Round Pattern
Extra Deep/ Long Hexagon Spark Plug Sockets 3/8” Files, Engineers Round Pattern
Extra Deep/ Long Hexagon Spark Plug Sockets 1/2” Files, Engineers Square Pattern
Extra Deep/ Long Hexagon Spark Plug Sockets with Magnet 3/8” Files, Engineers Three Square Pattern
Extra Deep/ Long Hexagon Spark Plug Sockets with Magnet 1/2” Files for Brake Body
Extra Deep/ Long Impact Sockets with Magnet 3/8” Files for Brake Service
Extra Deep/ Long Impact Sockets with Magnet 1/2” Files for Thread Restoring
Extra Deep/ Long Spark Plug Sockets 3/8” Filter Wrenches
Extra Deep/ Long Spark Plug Sockets 1/2” Fine Mechanic Tools
Extractor Pullers, Internal Race Fine Tooth Ratchets 1/4”
Extractor Sets, Screws Fine Tooth Ratchets 3/8”
Extractors Fine Tooth Ratchets 1/2”
Flexible Handles 1/2 “FIT” Multi Purpose Shear Pliers
Flexible Handles 3/4” Fixed Drive Heads
Flexible Hexagon Nut Drivers Fixing Devices
Flexible Joint Ratchets 3/8” Fixing Devices for Bench Vices
Flexible Joint Ratchets 1/2” “FIXPOINT” Wheel Nut Wrenches
Flexible Line Clamps Flange Steel Squares
Flexible Magnet Pick-Up Tools Flare Nut Open Ring Spanner-Modules
Flexible Shaft Inspection Mirrors Flare Nut Open Ring Spanners
Flexible Spark Plug Sockets 1/2” Flaring Jaws
Flexible Steel Rulers Flaring Tool and Tubing Cutter Sets
Flexible Wire Saws Flaring Tool Bodies
Foldable Work Tables Flaring Tools
Folding Pliers Flashlights
Folding Rules Flat Chisels
Four Way Wheel Nut Wrenches Flat Nose Pliers
Gas Pressure Elevators for Bench Vices Flat Nose Pliers, Electronic
Gauges, Feeler Flat Nose Pliers, ESD
Gauges, Feeler Strip Flat Nose Pliers, Extra Long
Gauges, Nozzle Flat Nose Pliers, Extra Long, Straight Bend
Gauges, Radius Flat Nose Pliers, Straight VDE
Gauges, Spark Plug Gauge Flat Pattern Engineers Files
Gauges, Steel Marking Flat Pattern Rasp Files
Gauges, Steel Marking with Flat Slider Flat Round Nose Pliers, Straight
Gauges, Torque Angle Flat Round Nose Pliers, Bent
Gauges, Tyre Pressure Flat Round Nose Pliers, Bent -VDE
Gauges, Tyre Tread Flat Round Nose Pliers, Electronic
Geared Head Power Multipliers Flat Round Nose Pliers, Straight VDE
General Purpose Dollies Flexible Extension Bars 1/4”
Gloves Flexible Handles 1/4”
Glow Plug Pliers Flexible Handles 3/8”
Goggles, Safety 3 IN 1 Hammer Handles
Grease Guns Bodies Hammer Holders
Grease Guns, Lever Hammer Wedges
Grid Dollies Hammers
Grinders, Pneumatic Hammers, Bumping
Grinders, Angle Mini Ø 6 mm, Pneumatic Hammers, Carpenters
Grinders, Angle Ø 125 mm, Pneumatic Hammers, Claw
Grinders, Angle Ø 180 mm, Pneumatic Hammers, Club
Grinders, Straight Mini Ø 6 mm, Pneumatic Hammers, “Dead Blow”
Grinders, Wheel Hub Hammers, Dinging
Grip Plier Holders Hammers, Embossing
Grip Pliers Hammers, Engineers
Grip Pliers, Aluminium Hammers, Engineers Ball Pein
Grip Pliers, Axial Hammers, Pick
Grip Pliers, “C-Clamp” Welders Hammers, Planishing
Grip Pliers, Chain Hammers, Rubber Mallets
Grip Pliers, Crow Nose Hammers, SIMPLEX
Grip Pliers, Long Nose Hammers, Sledge
Grip Pliers, Micro Hammers, Soft Faced
Grip Pliers, Parallel Hammers, Welders Chipping
Grip Pliers, Prismen Hand Anvils
Grip Pliers, Universal Hand Striking Tool-Modules
Grip Pliers, Welders Hand Striking Tools
Grip Pliers Set, Axial Grip Handles, Flexible 1/4”
Grip Pliers Set Handles, Flexible 3/8”
Hacking Knives Handles, Flexible 1/2”
Hacksaw Blades Handles, Flexible 3/4”
Hacksaw Frames Handles, Club Hammer
Hacksaws Handles, Engineers Ball Pein Hammer
Hacksaws “PUK” Handles, Engineers Hammer
Hafts for Files and Rasps Handles, Hammer
Half Moon Ring Spanner Handles, Sledge Hammer
Half Round Engineers Files Handles, Soft Faced Hammers
Half Round Pattern Rasp Files Handles, Spinner 1/4”
Hexagon Sockets 1/4” Handles, Spinner 3/8”
Hexagon Sockets 3/8” Hard-Top Cases
Hexagon Sockets 1/2” Hard Protective Cases
Hexagon Sockets 3/4” Hard Protective Trolley Cases
Hexagon Sockets 1” Heads, Sliding 3/4”
Hexagon Sockets 1.1/2” Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters
Hexagon Sockets 2.1/2” Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutters
Hexagon Sockets, VDE 3/8” Heavy Duty End Cutters
Hexagon Sockets, VDE 1/2” Heavy Duty Jaw Cutters
Hexagon Spanners Heel Dollies
Hexagon Spark Plug Sockets, Extra Deep – Long 3/8” Hexagon Key-Modules
Hexagon Spark Plug Sockets, Extra Deep – Long 1/2” Hexagon Keys
Hexagon Tubular Box Spanners Hexagon Keys, VDE
Hexagon Tubular Box Spanners with Handles Hexagon Keys with Ball End TORX®
Holder Clips for Spanners Hexagon Keys with Ball Ends
Holders for Bits Hexagon Keys with Lateral Uses
Holders for Chisels Hexagon Keys with Pin
Holders for Club Hammers Hexagon Keys with T-Handle
Holders for Grip Pliers Hexagon Keys with T-Handle, VDE
Holders for Hammers Hexagon Keys with T-Handle, TORX®
Holders for Pliers Hexagon Keys with TAMPER-TORX®
Holders for Punches Hexagon Keys with TORX®
Holders for Sockets 1/4” Hexagon Nut Drivers
Holders for Sockets 3/8” Hexagon Nut Drivers, Flexible
Holders for Sockets 1/2” Hexagon Nut Drivers with T-Handle
Holing Pliers Hexagon Screwdrivers
Hollow Punches Hexagon Screwdrivers, ESD
Hook Sets, Mini Hexagon Screwdrivers, VDE
Hook Wrenches Hexagon Socket Spanners
Hook Wrenches with Nose Hexagon Socket Spanners, VDE
Hook Wrenches with Pin IMPACT Locking Pins 2.1/2”
Hook Wrenches, Adjustable with Nose IMPACT Locking Rings 1/4”
Hook Wrenches, Hinged with Nose IMPACT Locking Rings 3/8”
Hooks for Tool Cabinets IMPACT Locking Rings 1/2”
Hoses, Compressed Air Signal IMPACT Locking Rings 3/4”
Hoses, Pneumatic Spiral, Polyurethan IMPACT Locking Rings 1”
Hose Clamp Pliers IMPACT Looking Rings 1.1/2”
Hub Pullers IMPACT Looking Rings 2.1/2”
Hydraulic Nut Splitters IMPACT Reducing Sockets from 1/4”
Ignition Spanner Sets IMPACT Reducing Sockets from 3/8”
IMPACT Adapters 1/4“ IMPACT Reducing Sockets from 1/2”
IMPACT Adapters 3/8“ IMPACT Reducing Sockets from 3/4”
IMPACT Adapters 1/2“ IMPACT Reducing Sockets from 1”
IMPACT Adapters 3/4“ IMPACT Screwdrivers
IMPACT Adapters 1“ IMPACT Socket Modules 1/2”
IMPACT Adapters 1.1/2“ IMPACT Socket Modules 3/4”
IMPACT Bits 1/4” IMPACT Socket Parts 1/4”
IMPACT Bits 5/16” IMPACT Socket Parts 3/8”
IMPACT Extension Bars 1/4” IMPACT Socket Parts 1/2”
IMPACT Extension Bars 3/8” IMPACT Socket Parts 3/4”
IMPACT Extension Bars 1/2” IMPACT Socket Parts 1”
IMPACT Extension Bars 3/4” IMPACT Socket Sets 1/2”-Modules
IMPACT Extension Bars 1” IMPACT Socket Sets 3/4”-Modules
IMPACT Extension Sockets from 1/4” IMPACT Socket Sets with Plastic Sleeves 1/2”
IMPACT Extension Sockets from 3/8” IMPACT Sockets 1/4”
IMPACT Extension Sockets from 1/2” IMPACT Sockets 3/8”
IMPACT Extension Sockets from 3/4” IMPACT Sockets 1/2”
IMPACT Extension Sockets from 1” IMPACT Sockets 3/4”
IMPACT Locking Pins 1/4” IMPACT Sockets 1”
IMPACT Locking Pins 3/8” IMPACT Sockets 1.1/2”
IMPACT Locking Pins 1/2” IMPACT Sockets 2.1/2”
IMPACT Locking Pins 3/4” IMPACT Sockets, Inside Hexagon 3/8”
IMPACT Locking Pins 1” IMPACT Sockets, Inside Hexagon 1/2”
IMPACT Locking Pins 1.1/2” IMPACT Sockets, Inside Hexagon 3/4”
“INOX” Screwdrivers IMPACT Sockets, Inside Hexagon 1”
“INOX” Spanners IMPACT Sockets, Inside Hexagon 1.1/2”
“INOX” Tube Cutters IMPACT Sockets, Inside TORX® 1/4”
„INOX“ Wire Brushes IMPACT Sockets, Inside TORX® 3/8”
„INOX“ Tools IMPACT Sockets, Inside TORX® 1/2”
Insert Bit Ratchet Wrenches IMPACT Sockets, Outside TORX® 1/4”
Insert Bits for B & S Screws IMPACT Sockets, Outside TORX® 3/8”
Insert Bits for Cross Screws IMPACT Sockets, Outside TORX® 1/2”
Insert Bits for Cross-Slotted Screws IMPACT Sockets, TORX® 1/4”
Insert Bits for Hexagon Screws IMPACT Sockets, TORX® 3/8”
Insert Bits for Phillips Screws IMPACT Sockets, TORX® 1/2”
Insert Bits for Pozidriv Screws IMPACT Sockets with Magnet 3/8”
Insert Bits for RIBE® Screws IMPACT Sockets with Magnet 1/2”
Insert Bits for Slotted Screws IMPACT Sockets with Plastic Sleeves 1/2”
Insert Bits for TAMPER-TORX® Screws IMPACT Tools
Insert Bits for TORX® Screws IMPACT Universal Joints 1/4”
Insert Bits for TORX® Screws with a Borehole IMPACT Universal Joints 3/8”
Insert Bits for XZN Screws IMPACT Universal Joints 1/2”
Inserting Adapters 9 x 12 mm IMPACT Universal Joints 3/4”
Inserting Adapters 14 x 18 mm IMPACT Universal Joints 1”
Inserting Tools for Torque Wrenches Impact Wrenches, Pneumatic
Inside Calipers Impact Wrenches 3/8”, Pneumatic
Inside Hexagon, IMPACT Screwdriver Sockets 3/8” Impact Wrenches Mini, 1/2”, Pneumatic
Inside Hexagon, IMPACT Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” Impact Wrenches 1/2”, Pneumatic
Inside Hexagon, IMPACT Screwdriver Sockets 3/4” Impact Wrenches 3/4”, Pneumatic
Inside Hexagon, IMPACT Screwdriver Sockets 1” Impact Wrenches 1/2”, Pneumatic
Inside Hexagon, IMPACT Screwdriver Sockets 1.1/2” Indicating Torque Wrenches
Inside Hexagon Screwdriver Sockets 1/4” Indicators
Inside Hexagon Screwdriver Sockets 3/8” “INOX” Bits
Inside Hexagon Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” “INOX” Combination Spanners
Inside Hexagon Screwdriver Sockets 3/4” Knives, Safety
Inside Hexagon Screwdriver Sockets 1” Knives, VDE
Inside Hexagon Screwdriver Sockets, Modules 1/2” Knot Conical Brushes
Inside Hexagon Screwdriver Sockets with Pins 1/2” Knot Cup Brushes
Inside Micrometers Knot Wheel Brushes
Inside TORX® IMPACT Screwdriver Sockets 1/4” Lambda Probes Sockets 1/2“
Inside TORX® IMPACT Screwdriver Sockets 3/8” Lambda Probes Tools
Inside TORX® IMPACT Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” Lamps, Inspection
Inside TORX® Screwdrivers, ESD Lamps, LED
Inside TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 1/4” Lay-Off Pliers
Inside TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 3/8” Lead Knives
Inside TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” Leak Oil Pliers
Inside TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 1/4” with Borehole LED Lamps
Inside TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 3/8” with Borehole LED Lamps, Explosions-Proof
Inside TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” with Borehole Letter Marking Punch Sets
Inspection Lamps Lever Centre Cutters
Inspection Mirrors with Flexible Shafts Lever Diagonal Cutters
Inspection Sets Lever for Tyres
Inspection Copes, Fibre Glass Lever Grease Guns
Installation Tools Lever Profile Tinmans Shears
Internal Circlip Pliers Leverage Revolving Punch Pliers
Internal Race and Bearing Extractors Lifters, Valve Spring
Internal Race and Extractor Pullers Long Nose Grip Pliers
Jaw Caps for Bench Vices Magnet Bit Holders
Joiners Sliding Bevels Magnetic Pick-up Tools
Joiners Squares Magnetic Socket Rails
Joint-Combination Ratchet Spanner-Modules Mallets, Rubber
Joint-Combination Ratchet Spanners Marking Letters
Knife Blades Marking Tools
Knives Mason Chisels
Knives, Automatic Safety Mat, Foam Mechanics
Knives, Cable Measuring Tapes
Knives, Hacking Measuring Tools
Knives, Lead Mechanical Nut Splitters
MS-Modules Socket Sets 1/4” Mechanics Foam Mat
MS-Modules Socket Sets 1/2” Mechanics Pliers Set
MS-Modules Spanners Micro Grips
MS-Modules TORX®-Tools Micrometers, Inside
MS-Modules Wooden Screwdrivers Micrometers, Outside
Multi Fitting Keys Midget Open-Ended Spanners
Multi Purpose Pliers “MULTI-TOOL” Mill Blunt Scrapers
Multi Purpose Shear Pliers “FIT” Mini Dial Indicators
Nail Chisels Mini-Hook-Sets
Needle Scalers, Pneumatic Mirrors
Nozzle Gauges Mirrors, Inspection
Nut Drivers Mirrors, Searching
Nut Drivers, VDE Mobile-Torque Meters, “ELOTRONIC”
Nut Splitters, Hydraulic Modules, MS
Nut Splitters, Mechanical Modules, OMS
Oblique Cutters, ESD Mounting Bars
Oblique Tip Cutters, ESD Mounting Check Plugs
Obstruction Ring Spanners Mounting Drift Punches
Offset Handles 1/2” Mounting Punches
Offset Handles 3/4” Mounting Wedges
Offset Keys, Cross-Slotted MS-Modules Circlip Pliers
Offset Keys, RIBE® MS-Modules Combination Spanners
Offset Keys, Slotted MS-Modules Combination Spanners with Ring Ratchet
Offset Lever Tinmans Shears MS-Modules Pliers
Offset Tinmans Shears MS-Modules Pliers, VDE
Oil Cans MS-Modules Ratchet Combination Spanners
Oil Filter Chain Wrenches MS-Modules Screwdriver Sockets, Inside Hexagon Sockets 1/2”
Oil Filter Tools MS-Modules Screwdriver Sockets, TORX® 1/2”
Oil Filter Wrenches MS-Modules Screwdrivers
Oilers, Plastic MS-Modules Screwdrivers, VDE
OMS Modules Allen Keys Open Ended Ring Spanners
OMS Modules, Circlip Pliers Open Ended Spanners
OMS Modules, Combination Spanners “BIG” Open Ended Ring Spanners Heads
OMS Modules, Combination Spanners, Bend Outside Calipers
OMS Modules, Combination Spanners, Cranked Outside Micrometers
OMS Modules, Combination Spanners with Joint and Ring R Outside TORX®, Impact Screwdriver Sockets 1/4”
OMS Modules, Combination Spanners with Reversible Ring Outside TORX®, Impact Screwdriver Sockets 3/8”
Ratchet Outside TORX®, Impact Screwdriver Sockets 1/2”
OMS Modules, Combination Spanners with Ring Ratchet Outside TORX®, Screwdriver Sockets 1/4”
OMS Modules, Double Ended Ring Spanners Outside TORX®, Screwdriver Sockets 3/8”
OMS Modules, Double Open-Ended Spanners Outside TORX®, Screwdriver Sockets 1/2”
OMS Modules, Flare Nut Open Ring Spanners Padlocks
OMS Modules, Hand Striking Tools Panel Beating Sets
OMS Modules, Hexagon Keys Parallel Bench Vice Accessories
OMS Modules, Impact Socket Sets 1/2” Parallel Bench Vices
OMS Modules, Impact Socket Sets 3/4” Parallel Grip Pliers
OMS Modules, Joint-Combination Ratchet Spanners Parts for Sockets 1/4”
OMS Modules, Open Ended Ring Spanners Parts for Sockets 3/8”
OMS Modules, Pliers Parts for Sockets 1/2”
OMS Modules, Ratchet Combination Spanners Parts for Sockets 3/4”
OMS Modules, Ratchet Combination Spanners, Reversible Parts for Sockets 1”
Wrenches, T-Hexagon Joint Socket with Magnet Wrenches, Torque
Wrenches, Wheel Nut XZN®-B & S Screwdriver Sockets 3/8”
OMS Modules, Ratchet Ring Spanners “Pelican” Tinmans Shears
OMS Modules, Ratchet Ring Spanners, Cranked Pick Hammers
OMS Modules, Screwdriver Sockets TORX® 1/2” Pick-Up Tools
OMS Modules, Screwdrivers Pick-Up Tools with Flexible Magnet
OMS Modules, Socket Sets 1/4” Pin Punch Sets
OMS Modules, Socket Sets 3/8” Pin Punches
OMS Modules, Socket Sets 1/2” Pin Punches with Guide Sleeve
OMS Modules, Socket Sets 3/4” Pin Wrenches
OMS Modules, TORX® Tools Pincers, Carpenters
“One-Hand” Adjustable Wrenches Pipe and Waterpump Pliers
Open Box Wrenches 3/8” Pipe and Waterpump Pliers, VDE
Open End Slogging Spanners Pipe Benders
Open End Spanner Heads Pipe Cutters
Open Ended Ring Spanner-Modules Pipe Cutters for Copper Tubes
Pliers, Bending Pipe Cutters with Chains
Pliers, Blind-Rivet Nut Pipe Deburrers
Pliers, Brake Spring Pipe Snips
Pliers, “C-Clamp” Welders Grip Pipe Tools
Pliers, “Carpenters Pincers” Pipe Wrenches
Pliers, Chain Grip Pipe Wrenches, American Style
Pliers, Circlip Pipe Wrenches,“S-Mouth”
Pliers, “CLIC”-Hose Clamp Pipe Wrenches, “STILLSON”
Pliers, Combination Pipe Wrenches, Swedish Style
Pliers, Combined Revolving Punch and Eyele Piston Groove Scraper Spare Parts
Pliers, “Concrete and Steel Fixers Nippers” Piston Groove Scrapers
Pliers, Connector Piston Reset Tools
Pliers, Crimping Piston Ring Compressors
Pliers, Crow Nose Grip Piston Ring Pliers
Pliers, Decorative Strip Piston Tools
Pliers, Diagonal Cutter Plain Slotted Screwdrivers, ESD
Pliers, Door Spring Clip Remover Planishing Hammers
Pliers, Door Trim Panel Remover Plastic Bottles for Batteries
Pliers, Electronic Diagonal Cutter Plastic Oilers
Pliers, Electronic Flat Nose Plastic Pipe Snips
Pliers, Electronic Flat Round Nose Plastic Tube Snips
Pliers, Electronic Round Nose Plier Holders
Pliers, ESD Plier-Line, “Classic”
Pliers, External Circlip Plier-Modules
Pliers, Eyelet and Combined Revolving Punch Plier, Multi Purpose “FIT”
Pliers “FIT” Multi Purpose Plier Shears “FIT”
Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Aluminium “C-Clamp” Welders Grip
Pliers, Flat Round Nose Pliers, Aluminium Welders Grip
Pliers, Folding Pliers, Axial Grip
Pliers, Glow Plug Pliers, VDE Diagonal Cutter
Pliers, Grip Pliers, VDE Flat Nose
Pliers, Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutter Pliers, VDE Flat Round Nose
Pliers, Heavy Duty End Cutter Pliers, VDE Pipe- and Waterpump
Pliers, Holder Pliers, VDE Round Nose
Pliers, Holing Pliers, VDE Universal Diagonal Cutter
Pliers, Hose Clamp Pliers, VDE Wire Stripper
Pliers, Hose Clamp “CLIC” Pliers Set, Axial Grip
Pliers, Internal Circlip Pliers Set, Circlip
Pliers, Lay-Off Pliers Set, Eletricians
Pliers, Leak Oil Pliers Set, Grip
Pliers, Long-Nose Grip Pliers Set, Mechanic’s
Pliers, Micro Grip Pliers Set, VDE
Pliers, “Multi-Tool” Plug Nipple, Plug Nozzle Made of Steel, Pneum
Pliers, Parallel-Grip Plumber‘s Tools
Pliers, Pincer Pneumatic Air Blow Guns
Pliers, Piston Ring Pneumatic Air/Striking-Mechanism Oil
Pliers, Prism Grip Pneumatic Blow Pens
Pliers, “PROFI-Classic” Pneumatic Compressed Air Signal Hoses
Pliers, Revolving Punch Pneumatic Drills, Reversible
Pliers, Revolving Punch with Leverage Pneumatic Drills, Reversible Ø 10 mm
Pliers, Round Nose Pneumatic Drills, Reversible Ø 13 mm
Pliers, Shear “FIT” Pneumatic Grinders
Pliers, Siphon Pneumatic Grinders, Angle Mini Ø 6 mm
Pliers, Spark Plug Socket Pneumatic Grinders, Angle Ø 125 mm
Pliers, Universal Diagonal Cutter Pneumatic Grinders, Angle Ø 180 mm
Pliers, Universal Grip Pneumatic Grinders, Straight Mini Ø 6 mm
Pliers, Valve Plate Pneumatic Impact Wrenches
Pliers, Waterpump Pneumatic Impact Wrenches 3/8”
Pliers, Waterpump VDE Pneumatic Impact Wrenches Mini, 1/2”
Pliers, Wedge Base Bulbs Pneumatic Impact Wrenches 1/2”
Pliers, Welders Grip Pneumatic Impact Wrenches 3/4”
Pliers, Wheel Weight Pneumatic Impact Wrenches 1/2”
Pliers, Wire Stripper Pneumatic Needle Scalers
Pliers, Wire Twisting Pneumatic Plug Nipple, Plug Nozzle Made of St
Pliers, VDE Combination Pneumatic Ratchet Wrenches
Pullers, Universal Pneumatic Ratchet Wrenches 1/4”
Pullers, Universal Ball Joint Pneumatic Ratchet Wrenches 3/8”
Pullers, Windscreen Wiper Arms Pneumatic Ratchet Wrenches 1/2”
Punch Pliers, Revolving Pneumatic Sabre Saw Sets
Punch, Sets Alphabetic Pneumatic Safety Coupling with Push-Button
Punch, Sets – Figures Pneumatic Spiral Hoses, Polyurethan
Punches Pneumatic Tire Inflators
Punches, Arch Pneumatic Tire Inflators, Digital, Gauged
Punches, Automatic Pneumatic Tire Inflators, Gauged
Punches, Belt Pocket Offset Key Sets
Punches, Center Pocket Vernier Calipers
Punches, Drift Pointed Chisels
Punches, Hollow Power Multipliers
Punches, Mounting Prismn Grip Pliers
Punches, Mounting Drift Profile Tinmans Shears
Punches, Pin Protractors, Adjustable
Punches, Pin with Guide Sleeve Protractors, Steel
Punches, Taper Pry Bars
Punches, Wad Pry Spoons
Punching Tools “PUK” Hacksaws
Push Through Ratchets 1/4” Puller Sets
Push Through Ratchets 3/8” Puller Sets for Windscreen Wiper Arms
Push Through Ratchets 1/2” Puller Sets, V-Belt Pulley
Push Through Ratchets 3/4” Pullers
Quick Action Wrenches Pullers, Hub
Quick Gripping Pliers Pullers, Internal Race Extractor
Quick Gripping Universal Pliers Pullers, Standard
Radiator Petcock Sockets 1/2” Pullers, Three Legs
Radio- and Telephone Pliers, Bend Pullers, Twin Legs
Radio- and Telephone Pliers, Bend – VDE Ratchets, Fine Tooth 1/4”
Radio- and Telephone Pliers, Straight Ratchets, Fine Tooth 3/8”
Radio- and Telephone Pliers, Straight VDE Ratchets, Fine Tooth 1/2”
Radius Gauges Ratchets, Flexible Joint 3/8”
Rails for Sockets 1/4” Ratchets, Flexible Joint 1/2”
Rails for Sockets 3/8” Ratchets, Pushed Through 1/4”
Rails for Sockets 1/2” Ratchets, Pushed Through 3/8”
Rasp Files Ratchets, Pushed Through 1/2”
Rasp Files, Flat Pattern Ratchets, Pushed Through 3/4”
Rasp Files, Half Round Pattern Ratchets, Reversible 1/4”
Rasp Files, Round Pattern Ratchets, Reversible 3/8”
Rasp Hafts Ratchets, Reversible 1/2”
Rasp Handles Ratchets, Reversible 3/4”
Rasps Ratchets, Reversible 1”
Ratchet Combination Spanners Ratchets, Reversible-Joint 3/8”
Ratchet Heads, Reversible 1/4” Ratchets, Reversible-Joint 1/2”
Ratchet Heads, Reversible 3/8” Ratchets, Reversible-VDE 3/8”
Ratchet Heads, Reversible 1/2” Ratchets, Reversible-VDE 1/2”
Ratchet Heads, Reversible 3/4” Reducing Sockets from 1/4”
Ratchet Operated Podger Spanners Reducing Sockets from 3/8”
Ratchet Ring Spanner-Modules Reducing Sockets from 1/2”
Ratchet Ring Spanners Reducing Sockets from 3/4”
Ratchet Spanners Reducing Sockets from 1”
Ratchet Units 1/2” Remove Tools, Door Coating
Ratchet Units 3/8” Reversible-Joint Ratchets 1/2“
Ratchet Units 3/4” Reversible-Joint Ratchets 3/8”
Ratchet Wrenches, Pneumatic Reversible Ratchet Heads 1/4”
Ratchet Wrenches 1/4”, Pneumatic Reversible Ratchet Heads 3/8”
Ratchet Wrenches 3/8”, Pneumatic Reversible Ratchet Heads 1/2”
Ratchet Wrenches 1/2”, Pneumatic Reversible Ratchet Heads 3/4”
Ratchet Wrenches, Bits Reversible Ratchets 1/4”
Ratchets 1/4” Reversible Ratchets 3/8”
Ratchets 3/8” Reversible Ratchets 1/2”
Ratchets 1/2” Reversible Ratchets 3/4”
Ratchets 3/4” Reversible Ratchets 1”
Ratchets 1” Reversible Ratchets, VDE 3/8”
Roller Tool Cabinet, Paper Roll Holders Reversible Ratchets, VDE 1/2”
Roller Tool Cabinet, Rear Panels Revolving Punch and Eyelet Pliers, Combined
Roller Tool Cabinet, Screwdriver Trays Revolving Punch Pliers
Roller Tool Cabinet, Trays Revolving Punch Pliers with Leverage
Roller Tool Cabinet, Waste Baskets RIBE®-Offset Keys
Roller Tool Cabinet, Wooden Panels RIBE® Screwdriver Sockets 1/2“
Round Anvils Ring Ratchet Combination Spanner-Modules
Round Awls Ring Ratchet Combination Spanners
Round Nose Pliers Ring Ratchet Combination Spanners with Reversible Hand
Round Nose Pliers, Electronic Ring Ratchet Spanners, Fold on
Round Nose Pliers, ESD Ring Slogging Spanners
Round Nose Pliers, VDE Ring Slogging Spanners, Offset
Round Pattern Engineers Files Ring Spanner Heads
Round Pattern Rasp Files Ring Spanner Heads, Open
Round-Wire Strippers Roll Holders for Roller Tool Cabinets
Rubber Hammers Roller Tool Cabinet Accessories
Rubber Mallets Roller Tool Cabinet “BUDDY”
Rubber Mats Roller Tool Cabinet “TOOLJET”
Rules Folding Roller Tool Cabinet Modules, MS
Rulers, Aluminium Roller Tool Cabinet Modules, OMS
Rulers, Engineers Roller Tool Cabinet “SUPER CADDY”
Rulers, Wide Steel Roller Tool Cabinet, Cable Rollers 10 m
“S-Mouth“ Pipe Wrenches Roller Tool Cabinet, Hook Assortments
Sabre Saw Sets, Pneumatic Roller Tool Cabinet, Machine Holders
Safety Coupling with Push-Button, Pneumatic Roller Tool Cabinet, Screwdriver Holders
Safety Cutter Blades Roller Tool Cabinet, Tool Holders
Safety Cutters Roller Tool Cabinet, Can Holders
Safety Goggles 3 IN 1 Roller Tool Cabinet, Drawer Separators
Safety Knife Blades Roller Tool Cabinet, Edge Protectors
Safety Knives Roller Tool Cabinet, Foldable Trays
Safety Knives, Automatic Screwdriver Sockets for Cross-Slotted Screws 3/8”
Safety Knives with Holder Screwdriver Sockets for Cross-Slotted Screws 1/2”
Sales Displays, Construction Ring Spanners Screwdriver Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1/4”
Sales Displays, Ring Slogging Spanners Screwdriver Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 3/8”
Sales Displays, Sockets Screwdriver Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1/2”
Sanitary Tools Screwdriver Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1/2”, VDE
Saws Screwdriver Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 3/4”
Saws, VDE Screwdriver Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1”
SB-Bit-Boxes Screwdriver Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1.1/2”
Scrapers Screwdriver Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws with Pin 1/2”
Scrapers, Curved Bearing Screwdriver Sockets for Inside TORX® Screws 1/4”
Scrapers, Mill Blunt Screwdriver Sockets for Inside TORX® Screws 3/8”
Scrapers, Three Square Curved Bearing Screwdriver Sockets for Inside TORX® Screws 1/2”
Scrapers, Three Square Flat Ground Screwdriver Sockets for Outside TORX® Screws 1/4”
Scrapers, Three Square Hollow Ground Screwdriver Sockets for Outside TORX® Screws 3/8”
Scratch Brushes Screwdriver Sockets for Outside TORX® Screws 1/2”
Screw Extractors Screwdriver Sockets for Phillips Screws 1/4”
Screwdriver Bit Blades Screwdriver Sockets for Phillips Screws 3/8”
Screwdriver-Modules Screwdriver Sockets for Phillips Screws 1/2”
Screwdriver-Modules, Wooden Screwdriver Sockets for Pozidriv Screws 1/4”
Screwdriver Sets Screwdriver Sockets for Pozidriv Screws 1/2”
Screwdriver Sets, Electronic Screwdriver Sockets for RIBE® Screws 1/2”
Screwdriver Sets, INOX Screwdriver Sockets for Slotted Screws 1/4”
Screwdriver Sets, “STAINLESS” Screwdriver Sockets for Slotted Screws 3/8”
Screwdriver Sets, VDE Screwdriver Sockets for Slotted Screws 1/2”
Screwdriver Sockets 1/4” Screwdriver Sockets for Tamper-TORX® Screws 1/4”
Screwdriver Sockets 3/8” Screwdriver Sockets for Tamper-TORX® Screws 3/8”
Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” Screwdriver Sockets for Tamper-TORX® Screws 1/2”
Screwdriver Sockets 3/4” Screwdriver Sockets for TORX® Screws 1/4”
Screwdriver Sockets 1” Screwdriver Sockets for TORX® Screws 3/8”
Screwdriver Sockets 1.1/2” Screwdriver Sockets for TORX® Screws 1/2”
Screwdriver Sockets for B & S-XZN Screws 3/8” Screwdriver Sockets for TORX® Screws with Borehole 1/4”
Screwdriver Sockets for B & S-XZN Screws 1/2” Screwdriver Sockets for TORX® Screws with Borehole 3/8”
Screwdriver Sockets for Cross-Slotted Screws 1/4” Screwdriver Sockets for TORX® Screws with Borehole 1/2”
Screwdrivers, TORX®, Electronic Screwdriver Sockets for XZN-B & S Screws 3/8”
Screwdrivers, TORX® with Borehole Screwdriver Sockets for XZN-B & S Screws 1/2”
Screwdrivers, VDE Screwdriver Sockets-Module 1/4”
Screwdrivers, Wooden Screwdriver Sockets, TORX®-Modules 1/2”
Scriber Products Screwdriver Sockets with Ball End 1/2”
Scribers Screwdrivers
Scribers, Engineers Screwdrivers, Ball End
Scribers, Hard Metal Screwdrivers, Ball End TORX®
Searching Mirrors Screwdrivers, Car Body
Separator Sets Screwdrivers, Car Wing Assembling
Separators “Fork”-Type Screwdrivers, Cross
Sets, Chisels Screwdrivers, Cross, Electronic
Sets, ESD Screwdrivers, Cross-Slotted
Shear Pliers “FIT” Screwdrivers, Cross-Slotted, Electronic
Shears Screwdrivers, Door Opener
Shears, American Pattern Screwdrivers, Electronic
Shears, Berliner Pattern Screwdrivers, ESD
Shears, Cable Screwdrivers, IMPACT
Shears, Lever Profile Tinmans Screwdrivers, INOX
Shears, Offset Lever Tinmans Screwdrivers “QUATROLIT®” Line
Shears, Offset Tinmans Screwdrivers “QUATROLIT®-VARIANT” Bit Blades
Shears, Pelican Tinmans Screwdrivers, Slotted
Shears, Profile Tinmans Screwdrivers, Slotted, Electronic
Shears, Tinmans Screwdrivers, Special for Automotive
Shrinking Dollies Screwdrivers “STAINLESS”
Side Cutters, ESD Screwdrivers, Torque
“SIMPLEX” Soft Faced Faces Screwdrivers, TORX®
“SIMPLEX”-Soft Faced Handles Snips, Wire
“SIMPLEX”-Soft Faced Hammers Socket Accessories 1/4”
Single End Ring Spanners Socket Accessories 3/8”
Single End Ring Spanners, Offset Socket Accessories 1/2”
Single End Ring Spanners VDE, Offset Socket Accessories 3/4”
Single Open-Ended Spanners Socket Accessories 1”
Single Open-Ended Spanners, Adjustable Socket Adapters, Ring Ratchet Spanner 1/4”
Single Open-Ended Spanners, VDE Socket Adapters, Ring Ratchet Spanner 3/8”
Siphon Pliers Socket Adapters, Ring Ratchet Spanner 1/2”
Sledge Hammer Handles Socket Converter for Bits
Sledge Hammer Wedges Socket Converters
Sledge Hammers Socket Display Dispensers
Sliding Heads 3/4” Socket Parts 1/4”
Sliding T-Bars 1/4” Socket Parts 3/8”
Sliding T-Bars 3/8” Socket Parts 1/2”
Sliding T-Bars 1/2” Socket Parts 3/4”
Sliding T-Bars 3/4” Socket Parts 1”
Sliding T-Bars 1” Socket Rails 1/4”
Slit Chisels Socket Rails 1/4”, Magnetic
Slogging Spanner Displays Socket Rails 3/8”
Slogging Spanners Socket Rails 3/8”, Magnetic
Slogging Spanners, Ring Socket Rails 1/2”
Slogging Spanners Offset, Ring Socket Rails 1/2”, Magnetic
Slotted Screwdriver Sockets 1/4” Socket Sets 1/4”
Slotted Screwdriver Sockets 3/8” Socket Sets 1/4” + 1/2”
Slotted Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” Socket Sets 1/4”-Modules
Slotted Screwdrivers Socket Sets 3/8”
Slotted Screwdrivers, Electronic Socket Sets 3/8”-Modules
Slotted Screwdrivers, VDE Socket Sets 1/2”
Snipe Nose Pliers, ESD Socket Sets 1/2”, VDE
Snips Socket Sets 1/2” + 1/4”
Snips, American Pattern Socket Sets 1/2”-Modules
Snips, Cable Socket Sets 3/4”
Snips, Combi Socket Sets 3/4”-Modules
Snips, Figure Socket Sets 1”
Snips, Plastic Pipes Socket Wrenches, T-Hexagon
Snips, Plastic Tubes Socket Wrenches, T-Hexagon with Joint
Sockets for Outside TORX® 3/8” Socket Wrenches, T-Hexagon with Joint and Mag
Sockets for Outside TORX® 1/2” Socket Wrenches with Handle
Sockets for Phillips Screws 1/4” Sockets, 1/4”
Sockets for Phillips Screws 3/8” Sockets, 3/8”
Sockets for Phillips Screws 1/2” Sockets, 1/2”
Sockets for Pozidriv Screws 1/4” Sockets, 3/4”
Sockets for Pozidriv Screws 1/2” Sockets, 1”
Sockets for RIBE® Screws 1/2” Sockets, 1.1/2”
Sockets for Slotted Screws 1/4” Sockets, 2.1/2”
Sockets for Slotted Screws 3/8” Sockets for B & S-XZN Screws 3/8”
Sockets for Slotted Screws 1/2” Sockets for B & S-XZN Screws 1/2”
Sockets for Tamper-TORX® Screws 1/4” Sockets for Cross-Slotted Screws 1/4”
Sockets for Tamper-TORX® Screws 3/8” Sockets for Cross-Slotted Screws 3/8”
Sockets for Tamper-TORX® Screws 1/2” Sockets for Cross-Slotted Screws 1/2”
Sockets for TORX® Screws 1/4” Sockets for Diesel Injection Nozzles 1/2”
Sockets for TORX® Screws 3/8” Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1/4”
Sockets for TORX® Screws 1/2” Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 3/8”
Sockets for TORX® Screws with Borehole 1/4” Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1/2”
Sockets for TORX® Screws with Borehole 3/8” Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 3/4”
Sockets for TORX® Screws with Borehole 1/2” Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1”
Sockets for XZN-B & S Screws 3/8” Sockets for Inside Hexagon Screws 1.1/2”
Sockets for XZN-B & S Screws 1/2” Sockets for Inside TORX® Screws 1/4”
Sockets, Radiator Petcock 1/2” Sockets for Inside TORX® Screws 3/8”
Sockets, VDE 3/8” Sockets for Inside TORX® Screws 1/2”
Sockets, VDE 1/2” Sockets for Lambda Probes 1/2”
Sockets with Ball End 1/2” Sockets for Outside TORX® 1/4”
Soft Faces Hammer Handles Spanners, Hexagon Tubular
Soft Faces Hammers Spanners, Hook
Square Awls Spanners, Ignition
Square, Carpenters Spanners, Open End Slogging
Square, Couplers 1/4” Spanners, Single End Ring
Square, Couplers 3/8” Spanners, Single Open Ended
Square, Couplers 1/2” Spanners, Ratchet
Square, Couplers 3/4” Spanners, Ring Ratchet
Square, Centre Spanners, Ring Ratchet, Fold On
Square, Engineers Spanners, Ring Slogging
Square, Flauge Steel Spanners, Ring Slogging, Offset
Square, Joiners Spanners, Slogging
Square Pattern Engineers Files Spark Plug Cleaning Brushes
Squares, Steel Spark Plug Gauges
Suction Lifters Spark Plug Socket Pliers
Suction Lifters with Flexible Heads Spark Plug Sockets, Flexible 1/2”
Suction Valve Grinders Spark Plug System Tools
“SUPER CADDY” Roller Tool Cabinet Spark Plug Testers
Swivel Bases for Bench Vices Spark Plug Wrenches
Swivel Socket Wrenches 3/8” Spark Plug Wrenches, Tubular
Spanner Heads Spare Blades for Hacksaw
Spanner Heads, Open End Spare Chains for Chain Tubing Cutter
Spanner Heads, Ring Spare Jaw Caps for Bench Vices
Spanner Heads, Open Ring Spare Jaws for Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters
Spanner Modules Spare Jaws for Structural Steel Cutters
Spanners Spare Parts for Bolt Cutters
Spanners, Adjustable Face Pin Spare Parts for Structural Cutters
Spanners, Combination Spare Plastic Faces, “Cellulose-Acetate”
Spanners, Combination with Ring Ratchet Spare Plastic Faces, “Desmopan”
Spanners, Construction Ring Spark Plug Cleaning Brushes
Spanners, DIN Spark Plug Gauges
Spanners, Double Ended Spark Plug Socket Pliers
Spanners, Double Ended Ring Spark Plug Sockets, Flexible 1/2”
Spanners, Double Open Ring Spark Plug Wrenches
Spanners, Double Ring Special Automotive Screwdrivers
Spanners, Double Ring, TORX® Special Car Tool Assortments
Spanners, Flare Nut Open Ring Special Screwdrivers, Automotive
Spanners, Hexagon Special Screwdrivers, Car Body
Steel Marking Gauge Scribers Special Screwdrivers, Car Wing Assembling
Steel Marking Gauges Special Screwdrivers, Door Opener
Steel Marking Gauges with a flat Slider Special Screwdrivers, Floodlight Adjusting
Steel Protractors Speed Braces 3/8”
Steel Rulers, Flexible Speed Braces 1/2”
Steel Rulers, Wide Spinner Handle 1/4”
Steel Squares, Engineers Spinner Handle 3/8”
Steel Squares, Flange Spirit Levels
Steel Squares, Precision Spot-Weld Cutter Centre Pins
Steel Wire Brushes Spot-Weld Cutters
Steel Wire Brushes “STAINLESS” Spot-Weld Drills
Stepped Tommy Bars Spring Dividers
“STILLSON” Pipe Wrenches Spring Dividers, Precision
Stone Chisels Spud Wrenches
Storage Units Spud Wrench Sets
Straight-Edge Rulers, Precision “STAINLESS” Bits
Strap Wrenches “STAINLESS” Combination Spanners
Striking Ring Spanners “STAINLESS” Screwdrivers
Striking Ring Spanners, Offset “STAINLESS” Spanners
Striking Soft Faces, Cellulose-Acetat “STAINLESS” Tube Cutter Spare Cutting Wheels
Striking Soft Faces, Desmopan “STAINLESS” Tube Cutters
Striking Soft Faces, Nylon “STAINLESS” Wire Brushes
Striking Spanners „STAINLESS“ Tools
Striking Tools Standard Pullers
Striking Tools, Automotive Steel Squares
Structural Steel Cutter Spare Parts Steel and Concrete Fixers Nippers
Structural Steel Cutters Tinmans Shears, “Berliner”
Stud Extractors Tinmans Shears, “Off-Set”
T-Bars, Sliding 1/4” Tinmans Shears, ”Pelikan”
T-Bars, Sliding 3/8” Tinmans Shears, “Profile”
T-Bars, Sliding 1/2” Tire Inflators, Pneumatic
T-Bars, Sliding 3/4” Tire Inflators, Digital, Gauged, Pneumatic
T-Bars, Sliding 1” Tire Inflators, Gauged, Pneumatic
T-Bars, VDE Toe Dollies
T-Hexagon-Joint-Socket Wrenches Tommy Bar Tubes
T-Hexagon-Joint-Socket Wrenches with Magnet Tommy Bar Tubes for Spark Plug Wrenches
T-Joint Socket Wrenches Tommy Bar Tubes, Stepped
T-Joint Socket Wrenches with Magnet Tommy Bars 3/4”
T-Socket Wrenches with Joint Tommy Bars for Wheel Nut Wrenches
T-Socket Wrenches with Joint and Magnet Tool Assortments
Tamper-TORX® Hexagon Keys Tool Bags
Tamper TORX® Screwdriver Tool Bags, Notebook
Tamper-TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 1/4” Tool Boxes
Tamper-TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 3/8” Tool Cabinets
Tamper-TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” Tool Cases
Tap and Drill Sets Tool Chests
Tap Wrenches Tool Kit for Battery Services
Tape Measurings Tool Kits
Taper Punch Sets Tool Modules
Taper Punches Tool Sets
Telephone- and Radio Pliers, Bend Tool Trolleys
Telephone- and Radio Pliers, Bend – VDE Tools, Electronic
Telephone- and Radio Pliers, Straight Tools, Fine Mechanics
Telephone- and Radio Pliers, Straight VDE Tools, VDE
Test Sets for Car Electric Torque Angle Gauges
Thread Cutting Assortments Torque Screwdrivers
Thread Repair Assortments Torque Testers, “ELOTRONIC”
Thread Restoring Files Torque Wrenches, Clicking
Three Legs Pullers Torque Wrenches, Digital
Three Square Curved Bearing Scrapers Torque Wrenches, “ELOMETER”
Three Square Hollow Ground Scrapers Torque Wrenches, “ELOTRONIC”
Three Square Pattern Engineers Files Torque Wrenches, Inserting Adapters 9 x 12 mm
Tightening Spoon Torque Wrenches, Inserting Adapters 14 x 18 mm
Tinmans Shears Torque Wrenches, “ELOTRONIC”
Tubing Cutter and Flaring Tool Sets Torque Wrenches for Inserting Tools
Tubing Cutters Torque Wrenches for use of Spanner Heads
Tubing Cutters for Copper Tubes Torque Wrenches, Indicating
Tubing Cutters “INOX” Torque Wrenches, “FIXPOINT”
Tubing Cutters “STAINLESS” Torque Wrenches, VDE
Tubing Cutters with Chains TORX® Tool-Modules
Tubing Tools TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 1/4”
Tubular Box Spanners, Hexagon TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 3/8”
Tubular Spark Plug Wrenches TORX® Screwdriver Sockets 1/2”
Tungsten Carbide Side Cutters, ESD TORX® Screwdriver Sockets Module 1/2”
Tweezers TORX® Screwdriver Sockets with Borehole 1/4”
Tweezers, ESD TORX® Screwdriver Sockets with Borehole 3/8”
Twelve-Sided Sockets 3/8” TORX® Screwdriver Sockets with Borehole 1/2”
Twelve-Sided Sockets 1/2” TORX® Screwdrivers
Twelve-Sided Sockets 3/4” TORX® Screwdrivers, Electronic
Twelve-Sided Sockets 1” TORX® Screwdrivers, ESD
Twin Legs Pullers TORX® Screwdrivers with Borehole
Twist Drills TORX® Screwdrivers with T-Handle
Twist Drills, HSS-E Transducers, “ELOTRONIC”
Twist Drills, HSS-G Tube Benders
Twister Tube Box Spanners
Tyre Levers Tube Cutters
Tyre Pressure Gauges Tube Cutters “STAINLESS”
Tyre Tread Gauges Tube Deburrers
Universal Ball Joint Pullers Tube Snips
Universal Bevel Protractors Tube Tools
Universal Chisel Hand Guards VDE-Hexagon Socket Spanners
Universal Combi Snips, Angled VDE-Hexagon Sockets
Universal Combi Snips, Straight VDE-Hexagon Sockets 1/2”
Universal Cutters VDE-Hexagon Sockets 3/8”
Universal Joints 1/4” VDE-Metal Saws
Universal Joints 3/8” VDE-Nut Drivers
Universal Joints 1/2” VDE-Pipe- and Waterpump Pliers
Universal Joints 3/4” VDE-Plier Modules
Universal IMPACT Joints 1/4” VDE-Pliers
Universal IMPACT Joints 3/8” VDE-Pliers Set
Universal IMPACT Joints 1/2” VDE-Reversible Ratchets
Universal IMPACT Joints 3/4” VDE-Reversible Ratchets 1/2”
Universal IMPACT Joints 1” VDE-Reversible Ratchets 3/8”
Universal Magnet Dial Gauge Stands VDE-Round Nose Pliers
V-Belt Pulley Puller Sets VDE-Screwdriver-Modules
Valve Plate Plier Spare Tips VDE-Screwdrivers
Valve Plate Pliers VDE-Single End Ring Spanners, Offset
Valve Rotators VDE-Single Open-Ended Spanners
Valve Spring Compressor Spare Parts VDE-Socket Sets 1/2”
Valve Spring Compressors VDE-T-Bars
Valve Spring Lifter Tips VDE-Tools
Valve Spring Lifters VDE-Torque Wrenches 1/2”
Valve Tools VDE-Universal Diagonal Cutters
VDE-Adjustable Wrenches VDE-Voltage Testers
VDE-Cable Knives VDE-Waterpump Pliers
VDE-Cable Snips VDE-Wire Strippers
VDE-Cable Tools Vernier Calipers
VDE-Combination Pliers Vernier Calipers, Digital
VDE-Diagonal Cutters Vernier Calipers for Brake Discs
VDE-Extension Bars Vernier Calipers, Pocket
VDE-Extension Bars 1/2” Vernier Calipers, Precision
VDE-Extension Bars 3/8” Vernier Calipers, Precision Dial
VDE-Flat Nose Pliers Voltage Testers
VDE-Flat Round Nose Pliers Wad Punches
VDE-Hexagon Keys Warding File Sets in a Metal Box
VDE-Hexagon Keys with T-Handle Warding File Sets in a Plastic Wallet
VDE-Hexagon Screwdriver Sockets 1/2” Waterpump Pliers
VDE-Hexagon Screwdrivers Waterpump Pliers, VDE
Wing Dividers with Pencil Holder Wedge Base Bulbs Pliers
Wire Brushes INOX Wedge Dollies
Wire Brushes, “STAINLESS” Wedges
Wire Brushes, Steel Welders “C-Clamp” Grip Pliers
Wire Cutters Welders Chipping Hammers
Wire Saws, Flexible Wedges for Club Hammer
Wire Scratch Brushes Wedges for Engineers Ball Pein Hammer
Wire Snips Wedges for Engineers Hammer
Wire Strippers Wedges for Hammer
Wire Strippers, Automatic Wedges for Sledge Hammer
Wire Strippers, VDE Wedges for Soft Faces Hammer
Wire Stripping Pliers, ESD Wedges for Mounting
Wire Twisters Welders Grip Pliers
Wire Twisting, Pliers Welding Tools
Wobble Extension Bars 3/8” Wheel Brushes, Knotted
Wobble Extension Bars 1/2” Wheel Hub Grinders
Wooden Screwdriver Module Wheel Nut Wrench Tommy Bars
Wooden Screwdrivers Wheel Nut Wrenches for Cars
Work Benches Wheel Nut Wrenches for Trucks
Work Benches, Drawer Separators Wheel Nut Wrenches, Four Way
Work Benches, Tool Back Panel Wheel Nut Wrenches with Cap Remover
Work Benches, Hook Assortments Wheel Tools
Work Benches, Machine Holders Wheel Weight Pliers
Work Benches, Screwdriver Holders Wide Steel Rulers
Work Benches, Tool Holders Windscreen Viper Arm Pullers
Work Benches with Tool Bar Wing Dividers
Work Tables, foldable Wrenches, Pipe “Swedish Style”
Working at the Batteries Wrenches, Quick Action
Working at the Brakes Wrenches, Ratchet
Working at the Car Bodies Wrenches, Spark Plug
Working at the Chassis Wrenches, Spud
Working at the Electric Systems Wrenches, Strap
Working at the Engines Wrenches, Swivel Socket
Working at the Exhaust Systems Wrenches, T-Hexagon Joint Socket
Wrenches, Tap Wrenches, Tubular Spark Plug
XZN®-B & S-Offset Keys XZN®-B & S Screwdriver Sockets 1/2”